The Last Executioner



Type: Feature film


Genre: Bio-pic


Producers:                  Michael Pritchett, Tom Waller

Executive Producer:   Anteo Quintavalle

Associate Producers: Somboon Vichaisre, Katrina Grose

Co-Producers:            Gunter Harnfgarn, Andrea Ufer

Director:                      Tom Waller

Writer:                         Don Linder

Cast:                           Vithaya Pansringarm, Penpak Sirikul, David Asavanond,

                                  Jaran Petcharoen, Pisan Akaraseni, Nirut Sirichanya, Thira Chutikul


Chavoret Jaruboon – a rock and roller from the slums of Bangkok who sang Elvis and Beatles songs for the GIs during the Vietnam War, a devoted husband, father, and grandfather, and a 20-year killer who pulled the trigger on 55 of Thailand’s most hardened killers, drug dealers, and rapists. Chavoret Jaruboon, The Last Executioner – an artist and Buddhist confidently convinced of the good karma of his intentions, while at the same time a pragmatist constantly worried about the bad karma of his actions that might follow him into his next life. A man who could say in one breath, “It is very easy to empty your mind and just shoot,” and in the next, “I was always conscious of looking after my sanity.” Chavoret – a man forever at odds with the spirits and demons that followed him from a childhood encounter with a fortune teller to his first, accidental execution, to his deathbed.  Premiered at the Shanghai International Film Fesitval in 2014: WINNER - Best Actor.








"The Last Executioner"  is the story of the last person in Thailand whose job it was to execute by gun, a wild rock and roller who took a “respectable” job to support the family he loved devotedly and then constantly had to the reconcile the good and bad karma that came from his decision. It is a story of life at its most beautiful and death at its most surreal.




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Left: Vithaya Pansringarm

as Chavoret Jaruboon



Stills courtesy of Marcel Glauche (c) 2014

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