Survivor Philippines: Season One


De Warrenne Pictures Co. Ltd. partnered with GMA Networks (Manila) Inc. in 2008 to produce 65 episodes of the popular reality television show SURVIVOR PHILIPPINES, based on the hit format owned by Castaway Television Productions Ltd. (UK).

The location chosen by Executive Producer Donna Medina and Program Manager Neil Gumban of GMA Networks was Tarutao Maritime National Park in Satun province. Ko Tarutao was also used by the fifth season of the US version of SURVIVOR for CBS.

Producer Tom Waller and Production Supervisor Oscar Kahar of De Warrenne Pictures recruited more than 100 local carpenters, boat captains and production crew to supplement the 90 strong Filipino team. 18 castaways competed for money and prizes during the 13 week show in two tribes 'Naak' and 'Jarakay', living in isolation on Ko Tarutao's pristine beaches. The staff and park rangers of Tarutao Maritime National Park assisted the production in providing logistics and accommodation for the local and foreign crew during the shoot which took place in August/September 2008.


De Warrenne Pictures provided production services on location in Thailand for 65 episodes of the no. 1 popular reality TV show SURVIVOR PHILIPPINES.

(c) Copyright 2008 GMA Netwrok Inc./Castaway Television Productions Ltd.

GMA Network Inc. (Philippines)
Program Manager: Neil Gumban
Overall EP: Donna Medina
Host: Paolo Bediones

Production Services provided by De Warrenne Pictures
Producer: Tom Waller
Production Supervisor: Oscar Kahar

Location: Ko Tarutao, Satun Province