Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown


Season 3 OBB:


Production Company: GMA Network (Manila) Inc./
Castaway Television Productions Ltd.

Program Manager: Neil Gumban
Overall EP: Kernan Gatbonton

Location: Ranong Province, Thailand

Production Services by: De Warrenne Pictures

Tom Waller

Production Supervisor:
Oscar Kahar

Thai Production Team:
Chainarong O-Chukit
Pitchaya Supasiriluk
Samavee Pummuang
Somchai Teawkeaw
Natakorn Thimichai
Sunin Enchai
Jirathorn Enchai
Adrian Bowden

Thai Art Department:
Saharat Boonsatit
Thanasak Lumchaiprasert
Somboon Vichaisre
Anna Chantanakomes
Sarith Phetcharat

Dream Team:
Ekachai Komonsiripakdee
Kobsak Chavalasriskun
Nisa Panoothai
Asaf Lackgren
Jennifer Lackgren
Safir Lackgren

With thanks to:
Laem Son National Park, Thailand

All images (c) Copyright 2010 GMA Network Inc.


Teaser with host Richard Gutierrez:

De Warrenne Pictures Co. Ltd. teamed up with GMA Network (Manila) Inc. and Castaway Television Productions Ltd. in July/August 2010 for the filming of "SURVIVOR PHILIPPINES: CELEBRITY SHOWDOWN". Executives at the TV network chose Thailand again after a successful collaboration with De Warrenne's team on the first season, which was filmed on Ko Tarutao in 2008. This time, the new location discovered by Thai producer Tom Waller and chosen by GMA execs was Laem Son National Park in Amphur Kapoe, Ranong province, near the border with Myanmar. He says: "The islands in the Koh Kam archipelago are pristine and some of the most beautiful in Thailand".

Hard hit by the Tsunami in 2004, the surrounding area is an off-the-beaten-track destination for tourists, thereby making it easy to control as a location for filming the show. More than 150 local boat crews, drivers and carpenters were hired for the project, with construction taking place at Had Bang Ben, where the "Tribal Council" set was built in the forest. More than 100 Filipino crew stayed at accommodation in the National Park, or at surrounding Andaman Peace and Wassana resorts.

Shooting in the rainy season proved to be a challenge for both the foreign and local crew, with extreme weather conditions taking its toll on the 18 Pinoy celebrity castaways, who were recruited from the modeling and entertainment industries to battle the elements for 36 days in order to become the Sole Survivor. However, Production Supervisor Oscar Kahar remarked: "It was a pleasure to welcome GMA back for another season, and both Thai and Filipino crews worked very smoothly together this second time around."