Patong Girl




The moderate-left wing family Schroeder is spending their christmas holidays on the Thai island, Phuket. Of all the things, deep within the sleazy tourist bars and ally's of Patog, the youngest son Felix (18) falls in love with a gorgeous Thai girl Fai (22). Fai is also a tourist, her parents sent her from Northern Thailand to Phuket with hope that a holiday will help her to forget about her lovesickness. Felix´s older brother Tommy (20) is sure that Fai is a prostitute. In Felix's eye's Tommy is a moron. And the same goes for his parents, Annegret and Ullrich who are anxious about Felix's ravishing feelings for Fai, who in return appears to mutually attracted to him. But Felix doesn´t know that Fai holds a special secret. Fai is a ladyboy. And she knows that Felix thinks she´s a “normal” woman. Being European, Felix naively misses certain attributes about Fai's manner which indicate her transsexuality. And Fai wants to reveal her sexuality to Felix but doesn't dare risk it in the fear he'll reject her. Following a sorrowful last goodbye to Fai at the end of his holiday, Felix decides while en-route to the airport, to follow the calling in his heart and stay a week longer. His parents are enraged and Annegret forfeits her return ticket. She will never leave Felix in the outland with an alleged prostitute. In desperate pursuit Felix eventually finds Fai boarding a coach to Northern Thailand. Spontaneously he buys a ticket and joins her. During thier trip together Felix soon learns that his treasured Fai is not all the woman he thought she was. He wonders how could he have missed that? Is he blind, gay or simply just a creepy pervert? But still he can´t ignore that his passions a truly alight for Fai. Meanwhile Annegret goes looking for her son …

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