Type: Feature film


Genre: Geo-political thriller


Set: Israel, New York, Thailand


Status: In Development


Producers: Tom Waller


Director: Tom Waller


Story by Tom Waller and Brian Edgar


Screenplay by: Brian Edgar





David Cohen is a progressive Rabbi with a dark past. The sudden death of a childhood friend whilst seemingly on holiday in Phuket, Thailand brings David back to question the circumstances. Was it an accident as presumed by local cops, or premeditated murder based on information he was guarding? The clue of a photograph found in his friend’s belongings taken of a painting called ‘Jerusalem’ leads David inevitably down the path of his own investigation, leading him to uncover a trail of lost Jewish art treasures, stolen by the Nazis during the holocaust and now being auctioned off to fund global terrorism. As a former Mossad agent whose spy days are long behind him, David is led on a dangerous journey to avenge the death of his friend and stop a deadly bombing mastermind by the name of  “The Maestro”, who could have been responsible for the death of hundreds in a lethal bombing which killed his wife and child several years ago. This triggers a deep wound from the past and David must decide whether he will be a Rabbi of peace, or a man driven by vengeance.


JERUSALEM is set against the volatile backdrop of religon, history and the looming cloud of global terrorism. Crimes of the past fuel present day conflicts, as one man struggles to uncover the truth and find redemption.