Type: Feature film

Genre: Thriller

Status: In Post-Production

Producers: Sanzhar Sultanov, Akan Satayev

Director: Akan Satayev

Cast: Callan McAuliffe, Lorraine Nicholson

Synopsis: Alex, an immigrant from Ukraine comes to Canada and becomes involved with an online criminal organization called Darkweb. He learns to rip off credit cards, ATMs, break into banks and eventually the stock market. He engages a network of service staff to help collect information, and partners with a guy named Sye, and a girl named Kira, to help sell the online-bought merchandise. What starts off as a way to help his parents financially, soon becomes a personal vendetta against the entire banking system, when his mother is fired from her job at the bank. Inspired by true events.

De Warrenne Pictures provided production services for Satai Film whilst shooting the segment in Thailand.

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