GLORY DAYS  -  Drama


Prod Company:        Real Entertainment Design Films Group

                                in association with De Warrenne Pictures

Writer/Director:         Roy Alfred Jr.

Producers:                Tim Carr, Kaprice Kea, Ed Harper

Associate Producer: Tom Waller


Glory Days is a redemption story set to hard rock. In Thailand!


The Spiders broke up twenty years ago, just as they topped international charts with the biggest hit on the planet. After years of refusing to talk to each other, the band reforms for a network reality show ... in of all places, Pattaya, where through the wild refracting mirror of Thailand and in a clusterbomb of a bromance the band is reborn.


Not a musical, but very musical movie, the drama of Glory Days is carved out by its songs as they battle through the characters to get out into the light.


Glory Days is written and directed by expat/exile auteur Roy Alfred Jr., who composed and orchestrated the film's score and wrote, performed and produced all of the songs within the film.






Glory Days


Pictured L to R: Producer Tim Carr, UPM Gob Tangtham, Associate Producer Tom Waller, Cameraman Wade Muller, 1st AC Wattana Kuasong, DoP Jason Santelli and Writer/Director Roy Alfred Jr.