Producer/Director Tom Waller has worked with some of the hottest emerging talent in the movie business, as well as industry veterans.


Here are some of the actors who feature in De Warrenne Pictures' productions, many of whom have gone on to star in hit Hollywood movies.

Focus on Talent

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Tom pictured with Oliver Stone working on ALEXANDER in 2004.



Cillian appeared in Tom Waller's 1999 short film EVICTION before taking the lead in Danny Boyle's 28 DAY LATER. Now a rising star in Hollywood, he recently starred in Wes Craven's  RED EYE and plays the Scarecrow in BATMAN BEGINS. He also starred in Ken Loach's 2006 Cannes Palme D'or Winner THE WIND THAT SHAKES THE BARLEY, and more recently  in the movies INCEPTION and IN TIME.



Pataratida or 'Tang Mo' as she is known to her fans, won the TOP Magazine Best New Actress award in 2004 before taking the lead role in GHOST OF MAE NAK. She is now one of Thailand's top celebrities.





Rhona appeared in Tom Waller's MONK DAWSON before moving to USA and appearing in a host of Hollywood movies including HOLLOW MAN with Kevin Bacon and GET CARTER with Sylvestor Stallone. Recently she starred alongside James Caveziel in HIGHWAYMEN and took the lead role in UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS.


FLORENCE FAIVRE (France/Thailand)


Also a top catwalk model, this Franco-Thai beauty stars in Seth Grossman's THE ELEPHANT KING, after a stunning debut in the Thai film SIAM RENAISSANCE. She also had a cameo in A DEVIL WEARS PRADA. Currently she stars in SyFy's hugely popular THE EXPANSE.


Below: Tom Waller on the set

of MONK DAWSON in 1996 with Martin Kemp (THE KRAYS).



Starring alongside Ryan Gosling (DRIVE) in Nicolas Winding-Refn's ONLY GOD FORGIVES, this Thai National Film Award (Supannahong) nominee was a Kendo master before taking the lead role in Tom Waller's MINDFULNESS AND MURDER.

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Below: Tom Waller working with Thai/American pop sensation Tata Young on her "El Nin-YO!" MV in 2006.

TW_JessicaAlba copy

Below: Tom Waller on the set

of MECHANIC RESURRECTION in 2015 with Jessica Alba (SIN CITY).