About Us

Tom Waller first launched De Warrenne Pictures Limited in 1996 in the UK with the aim of developing high quality feature films.  Since 2004 the Company has been based in Bangkok, Thailand where to date it has produced and provided production services for more than a dozen feature films and numerous TV commercials, TV shows, music videos and other audio-visual productions.


Whilst the Company has demonstrated an ability to deliver projects with high production values on limited budgets, future plans for the Company are focused on making commercial films targeted for a world market. This will entail collaborating with other companies to work at higher budget levels and increasing opportunities for foreign co-production.


Fully approved by the Thailand Film Office, the Company is also a member of The National Federation of Thai Film Associations.


Its subsidiary company De Warrenne Pictures Ireland was established in 2000 and is currently developing projects for international co-production.



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We are one of Thailand's leading production coordinating companies.


Our international production team are experienced in a "no frills" approach to film making, keeping production costs down whilst maintaining high production values.


We have worked with all levels of budget with crews from all over the world.


We are your perfect partners in Thailand...