Where is the grease gun used

As already mentioned in the thematic article "Graphite Lubricant: Field of Application in the Car" , high-quality prevention and protection of your vehicle depends, first of all, on the constant availability of lubricants on the working surfaces of parts and assemblies. Find more here: best grease gun

The car owner now faces an acute question of how to properly lubricate a particular part, usually at the moment when a person has already climbed under the car to lubricate the bearings or springs. A versatile and truly effective solution is the special grease gun. They are used if it is not possible to process some parts of the car in the usual way.

What is a grease gun

According to GOST 20765-87 syringe grease - a " Grease blower with a manual drive, located in the lubrication in the hands of the person performing the corresponding process." But in Wikipedia and a number of technical reference books there is another, more general definition that explains in detail the structure and purpose of the device:

“A technical lubricating syringe (SHTS) is necessary and is used to inject various types of lubricant into the working units of machines and mechanisms, as well as to apply to their workers glue or sealant surfaces. The device of the AL (lubricating syringe) is the same as that of medical and confectionery shops, but of a much larger size and (often) injection by a piston occurs automatically; no effort is needed.

Classification of grease guns

As a rule, transport parts that require lubrication only with a syringe are additionally equipped with a grease nipple with a check valve. Thus, when the lubricator is disconnected, the lubricant does not escape. " In the same interpretation, the first AL classifier is used - if possible, reuse:

· Disposable - Many grease manufacturers offer this type of syringe as a companion product. They are filled with grease under operating conditions.

· Reusable - the user can reload the syringe.

Another general classifier involves dividing the AL into two groups, depending on the lubrication method and, accordingly, the configuration:

1. Mechanical. The simplest type of devices. It is enough to pour grease into the grease blower and press the piston several times, or pump grease into / on the working unit using a handle.

2. Pneumatic. This type of AL is equipped with a compressor that supplies lubricants and oils using a jet of compressed air, as well as a convenient button. No effort is made to lubricate - at all.

Due to their convenience and speed, such syringes are often used at service stations where an important condition for the success of a business is the promptness of customer service.

It is important to note that both types of devices can also be divided into several subgroups (subclasses) in accordance with their properties, according to the classifiers of the 2nd level. For mechanical loops these properties:

· The volume of the container to be filled. It is curious that some manufacturers indicate on syringes not cm3, but the time it takes for the container to empty under the condition of continuous injection of lubricant at a pressure equal to the working one.

· Operating pressure. The maximum feed force is directly proportional to it - the higher it is, the more effort can be applied.

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